Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Preview: The Last Legend

Kellan mac Couhlan will risk everything he holds dear to discover the truth about one woman: Bowen Blair, the last of Ireland's legendary warriors - the Fianna.

The wilds of 14th century Ireland is no place for a boy alone.

When Kellan mac Couhlan’s father dies, he loses the only person he has ever believed in. Grief consumes him. But then, he hears the story of Bowen Blair. She is courageous, strong, good and true. She is the last of Ireland’s legendary warriors, the Fianna. Her existence proves that myths he had thought long dead are real. Young Kellan has found his heroine.

As time passes, Kellan’s obsession with Bowen Blair grows until news of her latest adventure - a grisly murder - tests the very foundations of his trust. He embarks on a quest to understand this enigmatic woman who is a savior, a fighter, and a killer. Who is Bowen Blair? Are the stories true? What is fiction and what is fact? And, most importantly, is Kellan ready for the truth?

See what's inside!  Sample the book:
Available in print:
Paperback from $14.99 (Enter "8FTWSQ8Y" at checkout for $3.00 off!)
Paperback from $14.99

Available in ebook:
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